Empowering Local Leaders

Indonesia’s vast and rich natural gift or a disaster of this? If the government-from local to central-not able to organize and manage, all this will be a libel, burden, and disaster. Without realizing it, incompetence and pessimism often appears. For example, when published advice how Urgency SIN (single identity number) by comparing Malaysia or Singapore, which appeared spontaneous answers: Do not compare Singapore or Malaysia’s small population. When he emerged about the traffic chaos and garbage everywhere, once argued: Indonesia’s vast territory, its people a lot, so do not compare other countries.

If we take the distance and then photographing faces and behavior of this nation, especially the political elite and bureaucracy, which is that they look like a “champion”. Feeling great, fierce, but it’s not able to accept the legacy and mandate to manage the nation so rich, abundant natural resources. Homeland heritage of this area is not cared for properly.

In fact, natural source of easily sold to foreign investors. The money part is divided in the circle of political elites and rulers. Indonesia is like an object like a feast, the government is like a broker or seller heritage treasures its predecessors. In many visits to the area, call it Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua, deforestation and dredging mining areas are visible from above, even more so if it came down.

Imagine, how many trillions of our wealth drained out of the country every month, but residents around the still poor, poor health, education did not advance, while the state debt. By the logic of ordinary people, so far the government is the people’s prosperity or more about her, or casually sell assets because of the nation bodohin foreign capitalists? I myself was not an economist.

But simply using common sense and the government saja.Politisi seemed excited and busy, but they really productive to create a surplus for the nation and state? It will be very sad if the political institutions and our government is like a plane flying around in a taxi on the runway, still consume fuel, pilots and crew are paid, but did not go up and up, take-off, and flying with passengers.

Political and bureaucratic institutions must not become a shelter disguised as philanthropic institutions. Or turned into a kind of catalyst and facilitator for treasure hunters, are no longer productive institutions that create added value (added value) of existing capital to advance the nation. With the emergence of many political parties (political parties) and otonomisasi local government, the people’s aspirations should be heard and considered the government.

Ideally parties are warrior people’s institution, not a job with high salary but not productive. With the expected decentralization of the bureaucracy more effective path, simple, and service to more people getting better. But again the reality on the ground is still far from expectations. Though passion to go and run but we are still imprisoned by the thousand and one problems of the past.

Javanese people say mbulet, pacing confused in places like mountain climbers lost lost map. Logistical supplies running low, dreadful weather, and the approaching darkness. We must get out of this chaotic atmosphere. One of them is by empowering local leaders, especially the ranks of regents and the governor of the selection process is very expensive.

If local leaders had performed, is able to perform his duty well and fulfill his promises during the campaign, the “confusion” and “chaos” at the central level will be helped by the stability and progress at the lower level. For a while it’s still very disappointing. Only a few governors and regents who managed to bring change and progress this pascareformasi.

However, in the future people should be smart and assertive, do not select the regents and the governor is not convincing to establish the area, according to Blog Andalas Comunity. Then just think, what will become of this nation’s future if the political elite and the government since the central and regional level are not qualified? Confused and excited argument.

Then the wealth of the nation would more quickly drain for salaries and corrupted busy-busy with collective operators between foreign investors and holders of power authorities in the country. And this has lasted a long time. What a stupid reason, if this country were poor due to large area and its people a lot. Is not China and India far more broadly?

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